Brain Games 2

Brain Games 2

A collection of fantastic action puzzlers based on the most popular games
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  • How do I update my programs because I can't click on any of the search engines?
    You can't update the application because the official website is no longer working. The website and the domain seem to have been discontinued due to expiration.


Set yourself a challenge with Brain Games 2. A collection of fantastic action puzzlers based on some of the most popular games. These colorful and diverse titles have been chosen for their family friendly nature and are a great test of both reflexes and memory. Want to step up the tempo a little? Try the Super Bubble Pop demo, a combination of the classic falling block genre and pulse pounding 3D arcade action.

Because of its intuitive user interface, Brain Games 2 is suitable for even the youngest user, but don't let that fool you, anyone can get hooked.

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